Homemade Cheese

One of the most sought after products on the island of Brač is Brač cheese. We serve it on a platter with prosciutto and fresh goat and sheep cheese that we make every day on our farm.


Homemade Croatian Fruit Brandy

Rakija is a traditional Croatian alcoholic beverage that’s made from fermented fruits. There are many fruits to choose from on Hora field to make this homemade moonshine (rakija usually has 40% ABV). Check out our homemade rakijas and see for yourselves.


Herb Brandy


Cherry Brandy

Our Wines

The most represented and by many the most important variety of Dalmatian red wine – Plavac Mali. Proof of its quality is the fact that the wine made from this type of vine was the first red wine to receive protection of geographical origin in Croatia in 1961. This wine spread not only in Dalmatia but overseas (example – Plavac is known under the name zinfandel across the United States).

Istrian variety is convincingly the leading one, occupying over half of Istria’s vineyards, but in the whole of Croatia it is the second most represented variety among white wines. Despite this Malvazija can be found on about forty other varieties throughout the Mediterranean, most of which are the same family or even just synonymous with an identical variety from another region. Same goes for Brač.

Our Olive Oil

Dark green olive groves have been formed in this area since ancient times and so far there have never been more, producing renowned oils with the highest recognition. The most common olive variety is oblica, with a representation of 85%, followed by lastovka, levatinka and somewhat newer varieties lećino and pandolino. Therefore, it is not surprising that every dish on the island of Brač is sprinkled with this liquid gold.

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