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"Vala Hrvaska" Name Origin

It all starts in a coastal town on the south side of Brač when the first Croats docked. Our ancestors lived here in harmony with nature, engaged in agriculture and ranch keeping for many years. To pay tribute to them, and their way of living, we decided to call our restaurant “Vala Hrvatska”

Our goal is to keep the tradition alive by offering famous delicacies of Dalmatian and Mediterranean cuisine.

The food is made from predominantly domestic products grown on our farm in an old-fashioned way, just as our ancestors did.


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All our products are homemade and 100% organic


Homemade Croatian Fruit Brandy


Homemade sheep and goat cheese

Olive Oil

Olive groves have been formed in this area since ancient times


Homemade red and white wine


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In our bay you can relax in an apartment with two triple rooms or a small Robinson house hidden in the shade of a pine not far from the restaurant.

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Price on demand


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Getting to Vala Hrvaska

Nestled in a serene bay between Bol and Sumartin on Brač Island, Vala Hrvaska offers a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle. To reach this hidden gem, start your journey from Bol or Sumartin. From Bol, follow the main road towards Gornji Humac, and then take the scenic route down to the bay where Vala Hrvaska is located.

The road is well-marked and takes you through picturesque landscapes of olive groves and vineyards, leading you to the secluded, peaceful spot. Alternatively, if you’re coming from Sumartin, head towards Selca and then follow signs to the bay. The trip offers beautiful views and a chance to experience the island’s rustic charm.

Transfer Options

Vala Hrvaska provides convenient transfer services to ensure a hassle-free journey to their location. The restaurant offers transfers from major points such as Split, Makarska, Bol, Sumartin, and other towns on Brač. Whether you’re arriving by ferry or speedboat from Split or Makarska, or you’re already on the island, you can arrange for a direct pick-up to the restaurant.

These transfers are designed to provide a comfortable and scenic ride, showcasing the beauty of the Adriatic coastline and the island’s interior. Contact the restaurant directly to schedule your transfer and enjoy a seamless trip to this secluded paradise


Awards & Recognition

According to our guests reviews at Restaurant Guru, one of the world’s most popular foodie websites with over 30 millions monthly users, we have the best BBQ in Bol area.

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