Dishes We Are Extremely Proud Of

Brač Lamb

In our restaurant you have the opportunity to try organically grown Brač lamb. To emphasize its widely known distinctive taste, we prepare it in traditional ways, on a skewer and under a baking bell.

Prosciutto and Cheese

Along with lamb, the most sought after product on the island of Brač is Brač cheese. We serve it on a platter with prosciutto and fresh goat cheese that we make every day on our farm.

Fresh Fish

A visit to the island is not complete without enjoying good fish and seafood freshly caught from the crystal clear sea of the Brač waters.

Food Menu

Price List


  • Homemade prosciutto, olives, pickles 70 HRK
  • Homemade cheese, olives 70 HRK
  • Octopus salad, olive oil, garlic, parsley 140 HRK
  • Salted sardines, red onion, vinaigrette sauce 60 HRK
  • Mozzarella with tomato 70 HRK
  • "Vala Hrvatska" platter 170 HRK

    (homemade prosciutto, cheese, fresh goat cheese, olives, pickles, tomatoes, honey and plum marmalade)

  • Goat cheese salad 60 HRK


  • Roasted lamb with a side dish 150 HRK
  • Homemade lamb with a side dish on a spit- 1kg 250 HRK
  • Lamb chops with roasted vegetables 170 HRK
  • Lamb under the bell with vegetables and potatoes for two people 330 HRK
  • Grilled beefsteak (220g) with side dish 170 HRK
  • Ramsteak, baked potatoes and vegetables 150 HRK
  • Meat platter for two people with a side dish 300 HRK


  • Spaghetti in tomato sauce (salsa) 70 HRK
  • Shrimp on buzara with tagliatelle 180 HRK


  • First class white fish - 1kg 600 HRK
  • Gilt-head sea bream with side dish, portion 160 HRK
  • European bass with side dish, portion 160 HRK
  • Grilled shrimps - 1kg 450 HRK
  • Fish platter for two people with a side dish 350 HRK
  • Grilled squid with a side dish 150 HRK
  • Octopus under the bell for two people 320 HRK


  • Baked potatoes 30 HRK
  • Pommes frites 25 HRK
  • Grilled vegetables 35 HRK
  • Swiss chard in Dalmatian style 30 HRK
  • Bread 12 HRK
  • Sauce 10 HRK


  • Mixed salad 25 HRK
  • Pepper salad 25 HRK
  • Cucumber salad 25 HRK
  • Tomato salad 25 HRK


  • Pancakes with homemade marmalade 30 HRK
  • Chocolate pancakes 30 HRK
  • Pancakes with Nutella and ice cream 35 HRK
  • Ice cream 20 HRK
  • Tiramisu 45 HRK
House Wine

Our Homemade Wines

Red Wine

The most represented and by many the most important variety of Dalmatian red wine – Plavac Mali. Proof of its quality is the fact that the wine made from this type of vine was the first red wine to receive protection of geographical origin in Croatia in 1961. This wine spread not only in Dalmatia but overseas (example – Plavac is known under the name zinfandel across the United States).

White Wine

Istrian variety is convincingly the leading one, occupying over half of Istria's vineyards, but in the whole of Croatia it is the second most represented variety among white wines. Despite this Malvazija can be found on about forty other varieties throughout the Mediterranean, most of which are the same family or even just synonymous with an identical variety from another region. Same goes for Brač.

Wine Card

Price List


  • White wine 90,00 HRK - 1l

    (malvazija, graševina) dry

  • White wine 25,00 HRK - 0,2l

    (malvazija, graševina) dry

  • Red wine 90,00 HRK - 1l

    (Central Dalmatia, Brac, Vala Croatia, Plavac Mali) dry

  • Red wine 25,00 kn - 0,20l

    (Central Dalmatia, Brac, Vala Croatia, Plavac Mali) dry


  • Stina Godiment 190,00 HRK - 0,75l

    (Central Dalmatia, Brac, Posip, Vugava) dry

  • Stina Pošip Majstor 400,00 HRK - 0,75l

    (Central Dalmatia, Brac, Posip) dry

  • Matošević Malvazija 210,00 HRK - 0,75l

    (Istria, Malvazija) dry

  • Pošip Čara 250,00 HRK - 0,75l

    (Southern Dalmatia, Korcula, Posip) dry


  • Stina Bogondon 200,00 HRK - 0,75l

    (Central Dalmatia, Brac, Merlot, Plavac mali, Cabernet, Syrah) dry

Drinks Menu

Price List


  • Espresso 15,00 HRK
  • Small coffee with milk 15,00 HRK
  • Large coffe with milk 18,00 HRK
  • Tea 18,00 HRK


  • Thomas Henry 30,00 HRK
  • Coca-Cola 25,00 HRK
  • Fanta 25,00 HRK
  • Ice tea 25,00 HRK
  • Fruit Juice 25,00 HRK


  • Orahovica 15,00 HRK
  • Travarica 15,00 HRK

  • Lozovača 15,00 HRK
  • Višnjevača 18,00 HRK


  • Gin tonic 70,00 HRK
  • Mojito 70,00 HRK
  • Aperol spritz 60,00 HRK


  • Karlovačko 0,5l 27,00 HRK
  • Heineken 0,33l 33,00 HRK


  • Moet & Chandon Brut Imerial - 0,75l 700,00 HRK

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